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Community Relations

The RARP Community Relations team ensures that municipal officials, landowners, and the public receive important project information and have the ability to ask questions and voice concerns. 

Landowners and Public Communication

We regularly reach out to our neighbors to let them know about key project milestones. Neighboring landowners received numerous communications from the project team during the permitting process. Prior to the start of construction, landowners will receive written notification, and as the stages of construction unfold, landowners will receive periodic notifications. 

Additionally, we encourage our neighbors to contact us with their questions and concerns:

All inquiries are typically answered within 24 hours, usually that same business day. 

Municipal Outreach

The RARP team communicated with municipal and state officials through the permitting process. We continue to keep municipal officials informed of construction activities and progress through:

  • briefings explaining the project scope and planned construction activities
  • contact with local fire chiefs and public safety officials to communicate schedule and other safety and emergency protocols as applicable
  • regular notifications prior to each stage of construction through email, phone calls, or meetings

Public Service Commission Jurisdiction

This project is under the jurisdiction of the New York State Public Service Commission, which is responsible for enforcing compliance with environmental and construction conditions.  The Public Service Commission may be contacted at: 

New York State Department of Public Service
Environmental Compliance Section
Contact: Corey Strub
Three Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12223-1350
Phone: (518) 486-7847

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